Sundown on the Chobe

Few scenes in southern Africa are as life-brimming as Botswana’s Chobe river.  To leave the sere thorn scrub of the Kalahari and stumble upon such a plain – an alpine-like pasture with a sheet of water slipping eastward toward the sea – that is rare refreshment in a thirstland.  Life of every form, from the … More Sundown on the Chobe

#2 – River Lullaby: A Boatman’s Night Cry

            If you should have the good fortune in winter to visit the northeast Indian town of Bishwanath Ghat on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, you would find it much as it has been for generations: groves of bamboo, a hilltop dak bungalow (government rest house) where my best chum, Lokhi, lived, a Hindu temple, … More #2 – River Lullaby: A Boatman’s Night Cry